dr. hugo d. asencio

teaching                                                                                        Español

I teach graduate courses in public-sector ethics, leadership, management, human resource management, and nonprofit management.

My philosophy as a teacher is the product of my academic training, practical and teaching experience, and professional development activities. During my academic training, I had excellent teachers who not only helped me acquire knowledge and develop skills for professional practice, but who also inspired and guided me to pursue a career in academia. My experience working for different organizations has allowed me to acquire first-hand practical experience on what it takes to lead and manage in government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. My teaching experience and the professional development activities in which I have engaged have allowed me to acquire a deep understanding of pedagogical practices to promote deep student learning.

Given the aforementioned, my mission as a teacher is to prepare my students to advance the public good through ethical and professional public service practice. I do this my creating an environment in my courses, so they can engage in deep learning. I believe such learning occurs when my students: understand course content; synthesize and apply such content to make decisions and solve problems; collaborate well and lead in a team environment; and reflect about their learning experience.